Women's Earrings and Face Types

Lester Fangonilo - November 24, 2021

Haircuts, hairstyles, collars, and necklaces are not the only fashionable elements heavily influenced by the shape of one’s face. Even one’s choice of earrings can be determined as to whether it flatters the contours of one’s cheeks or if it leaves you looking horribly angular.

In this post, we present the best earrings to pair with the shape of your face, how to use these tiny baubles to enhance even the most natural look, and how they can accentuate your best features.

Why Are The Popular Types of Women’s Earrings?

If you’re reading this, you or someone you know absolutely loves jewelry - and has a rotation of different women’s earrings to prove it. Earrings are a great way to elevate your outfit from basic to trendy and transform a simple look into a whole level of chic.

This is why earrings are a valued personal treasure and valuable gifts you can give your friends. Whether you’re only trying to look presentable for a WFH Zoom meeting or going to a make-or-break interview, earrings are a fantastic way to make an excellent first impression. They are highly versatile and can help boost your confidence if you fit on a pair that looks well on you.

Here are the most popular types of women’s earrings:


Open Hoops by Oliver Cabell


Hoops: while its popularity has waxed and waned over the years, they have made a significant comeback, with the likes of J. Lo and Beyonce sporting them even on the glorious red carpet. There are various sizes of hoop earrings, but the most popular are medium-diameter ones because they go well with practically everything.

Huggies: if you’re going for minimalist chic, bling huggies are the perfect fashion accessory. Huggie earrings are a variation of hoop earrings that are slightly smaller but chunkier. They are so-called since they hug the ears. 

Studs: almost every girl out there has owned studs. They’re smaller and snuggles on the top of your earlobe but don’t drop downward, climb upward, or loop backward. Instead, it features a basic design with diamonds, gold, or silver, with diamond studs a perennial favorite.

Drop Earrings: For those who crave simplicity but with some length, a single drop earring is a perfect earring for you to wear. These are classic pieces of accessories that women have worn for centuries. They appear delicate, hang below one’s earlobe, and are generally stationary.

Women’s Earrings and Face Types

Round Faces: Longer is Better Than Wider

If your face is round, it would be best served by accessories that can make it look longer and a little more angular. In which case, rounded earrings would be of no help; indeed, they would only make your face look wider, plumper, and even pudgier. Instead, we recommend long dangling earrings to give your face the illusion of length. 

Tasseled earrings would be one of the best bets here, and thinner chain-style danglers would look dazzling. You may also consider chandelier earrings bedecked with multicolored beads or seed pearls for a hint of the exotic.

Heart-shaped Faces: A Beautiful Challenge

Having a heart-shaped face has long been considered an ideal quality when it comes to feminine beauty. However, such an unusually-shaped face can also be a pain to flatter. Heart-shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than one's cheeks paired with a narrow chin.

Delicate pieces would do such a shape no favors and would only make the chin look much sharper and the forehead more prominent. Women with such faces are better served by earrings that are wider at the bottom like teardrops, leaf-style earrings, heavy baroque pearl pieces, or cloisonne-work earrings in triangular or rectangular form.

Square Faces: Softening Influence

Square-shaped faces tend to be more handsome than beautiful with their strong foreheads and magnificent jawlines. Unfortunately, these also have the disadvantage of making a woman look somewhat masculine or otherwise give them a more severe and austere look.


Medium Gold Hoops by Oliver Cabell


The key here is to avoid blocky-looking jewelry as these will only emphasize the angles of the face. Instead, there is a need to soften one's features and this can be done by wearing earrings that are rounded or avant-garde pieces that are curved and flowing in appearance. Pearl studs would go well with a square face, as would silver or gold hoops - and the bigger the better in this case.

Diamond-shaped Faces: A Need for Balance

In those with diamond-shaped faces, the eyes or cheeks are the widest part of the face, while the forehead and chin are both tapered. More angular than those with square faces, those with sharp features find themselves challenged as to how to achieve a balance between hard and soft, angular and curvaceous.

Studs worn close to the ear work best with diamond faces - and even diamond studs are bound to flatter such a face. Chandelier-style earrings that are wider at the bottom also work quite well.

Oval Faces: Easy-Peasy

The elegant curves of an oval face are the easiest type to accentuate with jewelry as it's a shape that works well with practically everything. Just one point, though: those with oval faces have to avoid the more exaggerated types of dangling or chandelier earrings as these could make their faces look too long. Instead, we recommend everything else from clip-ons and gold croissant hoops, all of which will serve to flatter one's facial curves.


Croissant Gold Hoops in 14k Gold


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