Golden Goose Alternatives Bring Back  Vintage 70s Design

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Glitter sneakers reminiscent of the roaring 70s have been making waves for their exciting colors and elegant vintage feel. The most popular among these types of sneakers include Golden Goose variants and retro-inspired Golden Goose alternatives.

How do Golden Goose sneakers and their alternatives bring back the 70s? First, it could be glitter. There is something just so exciting about Golden Goose multi-glitter sneakers. How they’re colored in combinations that don't typically match form part of their allure. It could also be how the bursts of color are departures from your regular white, black, or neutral-toned sneaker. They are so popular that consumers are busy looking for alternatives because, let's face it, Golden Goose (aka GGDB) is a premium brand with an equally premium price tag.

Golden Goose Alternatives are Statement Sneakers

Enter Google Goose alternatives like Oliver Cabell’s hand-made high-quality Italian leather distressed sneakers. One of the reasons why anyone would wear Golden Goose alternatives is because they are making a statement. They are saying, "I am beautiful, I am daring, I am defiant. Notice me." Statement sneakers don't want to fade into the background; they want to be seen. For instance, Golden Goose glitter sneaker look-alikes are hard to miss.

By now, many sneakerheads will recognize Golden Goose sneakers by the bold, ubiquitous GGDB star on the sides. This branding is already considered iconic as some other designer brands, and even more so given Golden Goose's cult status. In many designs that the brand has released, the colors of the star pop out from a background in a different, even possibly clashing, color. Then, it further contrasts with the heel tab in another, even bolder color.

Another favorite Golden Goose alternative that isn't colorful but is still totally vintage draws inspiration from Golden Goose black sneakers under the V-Star line. These Golden Goose black classics are inspired by 70s basketball, and the soles feature a rubber toe cap. They seem to be made to look like an older sneaker we love, as if duping that sneaker was its intention.

Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 distressed sneaker collection incorporates a similar vintage effect. These Golden Goose alternatives are made of calfskin leather or Italian suede and appear timeless and whimsical like the 70s. Low 1 Golden Goose alternative distressed sneakers carry color staples of the era like brown, orange, and gold accents. 


It's not unusual to see snakeskin and animal prints in wild pinks, purples, and yellows, or even glittered on a Golden Goose sneaker. It is a favorite Golden Goose combination, and GGDB dupes are fast catching on to this trend. The Golden Goose glitter leopard print Super-Star sneaker has been sold out for years, but the combination of glitter and animal prints are still found in many other designs, as well as in many Golden Goose alternatives. 


What’s the Big Deal with Distressed Sneakers?

Whether they're Golden Goose black glitter or Golden Goose white glitter sneakers, you will never get a brand new pair in pristine condition. Golden Goose started the distressed sneaker trend when they began in 2000, confusing many who are reluctant to fork out $500+ for a pair of shoes that look scuffed.

And they are scuffed. Sneakers are intentionally distressed as part of the manufacturing process. There are two reasons, aside from it being so fashionable. First, they are intended to look like shoes that you are already wearing, so that you are more comfortable about wearing them instead of being worried about dirtying your brand new shoes. In this way, you can enjoy your life in your new sneakers. Secondly, the distressing breaks in the shoe and makes it more comfortable.

You may ask - isn't it rude that they are selling used-looking shoes at such a high price? Well, they're brand new, and the quality of the shoe doesn't suffer because it's distressed. It's merely a look, not the actual condition of the shoe. GGDB makes handcrafted sneakers from high-quality Italian leather in the heart of Venice. It's also more expensive because it isn't mass-produced.

Distressed sneakers also subscribe to the statement sneaker appeal. What they add to the statement is, "I've been through a lot." Another statement is, "I don't care what you think." To look used and well-worn but still beautiful and vibrant at the same time is also a statement of longevity and determination. And distressed shoes are often built to look like this for a very long time.

Other brands have been producing distressed sneakers, and some have been as adventurous and fun in delivering the 70s vintage appeal at a lower cost. Some brands even make them out of high-quality leather and have designed them for comfort, as well. 

Distressed Sneaker Alternatives

Ever since distressed footwear became a thing, there have been many Golden Goose dupes popping up, some by noted high-end brands. If you feel like checking out the competition for Golden Goose alternatives, these are a few factors to consider.


The 1970s running shoe with its sleek silhouette is a gorgeous trend from that era that many shoe brands have been eager to keep reviving, and which the Golden Goose May is emulating. The loud colors perhaps don't get as much love throughout the years, but since the resurgence of the statement sneaker, more brands are amplifying their color combinations to compete with the best Golden Goose colors. Glitter, zebra stripes, zig-zags, pony hair, solid colors - the sky's the limit, it seems. 

Akin to the over-the-top aesthetic of the 70s, Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 - White Feather fits the bill. It is constructed by hand with the finest Italian calfskin leather, feathers, and Margom outsoles.


You may ask, wouldn't all these colors, accents, or glitter be overkill? Perhaps - but statement shoes intend to make a statement. 

If you're worried about not wearing the sneakers with anything in your closet, you should keep in mind that you're not required to match them. But also, statement sneakers look good with almost anything you can wear. It's all part of the statement sneaker point.

If you're not entirely convinced, you could opt for a color that's not so loud yet still attention-getting, perhaps a softer color tone or some iridescent glitter with neutral trimmings. Instead of a multicolor pair, you can go for a white pair with colored features, such as the heel tab or the laces.



You should also note that if you purchase distressed sneakers at a lower price, you still have money left over to buy another pair. You can choose a different design with another color palette. Or you could go for a more neutral color, instead. Black or white sneakers are always an excellent addition to your wardrobe.


Golden Goose sneakers are made to evoke the 70s, and the sole, which employs special injection technology, has the feel of vintage skater culture. This technology merges the sole into the shoe and makes wearing much comfier than regular sneakers. There are Golden Goose alternatives that offer similar comfortable wear, although they may not be using the same technology.


Many Golden Goose devotees will swear that their sneakers are the most comfortable shoes in their closet and the most comfortable shoes they've ever worn in their life. That they're so comfortable is also one reason why Golden Goose devotees can justify their price, but many other brands are equally comfortable, if not more so.


The most compelling reason to buy Golden Goose dupes is getting a beautifully designed product for a lower price. Designer brands are also making distressed statement sneakers that are to-die-for. Still, if the point of looking for Golden Goose alternatives is to find a fashionable sneaker without breaking the bank, then you should keep looking.

Wrapping Up

Golden Goose distressed sneakers cultivate a sense of timelessness. By all indications, it’s going to be popular for a while. If you want to take in the 70s in your ensemble, it doesn't mean that you should go and buy cheap Golden Goose knock-offs. Brands like Oliver Cabell have been making high-quality distressed sneakers for less. 

Fashion need not be so elusive these days, and neither should comfort and quality. Finding the best Golden Goose sneaker alternatives should be fun and fulfilling. Wearing your new statement sneakers should also say, "I'm enjoying my best life,” -  as all awesome shoes would.