Trendy Fashion Ideas for Women’s Sneakers: Black Sneakers in Focus

Tuesday Bote - March 3, 2021






When it comes to women’s sneakers black and white are staples that every girl must have, as these go great with most of what’s in your wardrobe at the moment. Both exude classic elegance and versatility and are perhaps the most comfortable pairs of shoes in your closet. You can have other pairs in other colors for special statement days, but white and black sneakers are essentials that are always there for you and let you be even more creative with your OOTD.

Women’s black sneakers focus on this article: what their appeal is, how to wear them, and where to get them. 

What Makes Women’s Black Shoes and Sneakers Popular

Among the many kinds and styles of women’s shoes and sneakers, the essential black shoe is both your go-to for dressing up and dressing down. They’re subdued enough to let an attention-grabbing outfit shine but also stylish enough to transform a plain outfit into the epitome of sophistication. 


After the rise of sneakers as a high fashion trend in the past few years, this versatility principle now applies to black sneakers. Sneakers have rebelliously found their way to fashion runways and sparked a trend that has yet to die down in 2021. The year before saw an explosion of statement sneakers - loud colors, glitter, sequins, animal prints in neon, pony hair, even spinning off a distressed sneaker trend, where brand new shoes are beaten up to look scuffed and worn. But even with this cacophony of trends, women’s sneakers in black and white are always the bestsellers.


Another reason black sneakers are so popular is they’re so comfortable, and you can wear them all day, especially women’s black patent leather sneakers. Perhaps the most comfortable women’s black sneakers are by Oliver Cabell. Although primarily known for their Low 1 sneakers in white and distressed styles, their Low 1 line also comes in Black, which has a white Margom rubber outsole, and Jet Black, with a black outsole. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 sneakers have a low top and sleek silhouette and Italian calfskin leather. This kind of leather is soft and conforms to the shape of your feet after a few wears. Most agree with the description “buttery.” 


Oliver Cabell’s black leather sneakers have an undisturbed sleekness, helped along by the women’s sneakers black laces. Black Low 1 sneakers are a bit less formal-looking than the jet black version because of the soles’ color. Even less formal yet retaining that cool aura of a black sneak is the limited edition Low 1 Daybreak, a black distressed sneaker with the signature Oliver Cabel circle on the sides of the shoes, the outsole, and the heel flaps in white. Despite its distressed state, there remains a charisma to them that pretty much looks good with anything you wear over them. 

Leather sneakers are an improvement over your typical canvas pair, as the materials are so much more durable and luxurious, and let’s say it, they look divine. Another plus is they’re much easier to clean. 

Trendy Fashion Ideas for Women’s Black Sneakers

Sure, your black sneakers will look good with anything in your wardrobe, but let’s upgrade a bit so that you look fantastic. Here are a few fashion ideas for your black sneakers that are in vogue in 2021.

Relaxed Casual 

Black leather sneakers have a knack for dressing down outfits when you need them to. Go straight from the gym to the supermarket in your black sneakers and full leggings by throwing a parka over your sports bra after your workout. Or don’t work out at all, just strut the look. Glamorize your jogger pants and sweats by going full monochromatic black, or mix up the black with white or a color block. Or ground your white blouse and chinos with black leather sneaks and a cross-shoulder sling bag.

Work Outfit

If you’re going to wear sneakers to the office, women’s black work sneakers are the best pair to go. Black leather sneakers dress up even your most relaxed Casual Friday outfit and best complement corporate pantsuits. A few Business Casual ideas: top a smart black blazer over a t-shirt tucked into black tailored slacks, and finish the look with black leather sneakers for a stylish, no-nonsense vibe, or pair a turtleneck sweater with a pencil cut skirt for a feminine effect but dress it down with black sneakers so as not to outshine the boss. This way, you can comfortably make that presentation in both comfort and style.


Any way you style women’s sneakers black dressy ensembles, you are bound to pull off glamour and refinement. Dresses of varying lengths will go well with black sneakers. The low cut silhouettes specifically do well in making your legs appear slimmer and longer. If you want to add an edgy touch to a bright sundress, pair it with a black leather jacket, black tights, and your black leather sneakers, adding on a white gold anklet for a little bling. You could also skip the tights and wear white ankle socks for a schoolgirl look. Black sneakers again go well with tube dresses. Pile your hair up and add color to your lips to brighten up your face. 

With Jeans

Navy sneakers look awesome under jeans, especially with a cropped leg that shows off your ankle. Pull a black hoodie over colored jeans, or layer knits over your white baby tee, black ripped jeans, and black leather sneakers.


Night Out

Short of wearing black sneakers under your floor-length gown at a black-tie event, you can wear your black leather sneakers with cocktail and slip dresses for a fun night on the town. The key to making this work is picking a relaxed style dress and choosing your accessories. You could pile on several necklaces and bracelets and not look overdone if you were in sneakers, unlike in stilettos.

Where to Buy Women’s Black Leather Sneakers

Women’s black leather sneakers are not that difficult to find, but you can only buy Oliver Cabell sneakers online, as they are a direct to consumer (DTC) brand. This means you get to purchase their products straight from the company, without paying markups for middle-men or third party retailers. As a result, Oliver Cabell can sell premium shoes and sneakers at a much affordable price than peered luxury brands. They ship internationally for free for purchases over $170, except for when you need to return your shoes to change the size, or for whatever reason, and certain countries may require that you pay duty to receive your shoes. 


When ordering through their website, double-check the fit guide for each shoe; the Low 1 sneakers in Black and Jet Black advise you to get a full size smaller than yours because their shoes run large. They also don’t have half-sizes, so decide which size is better for your feet before you place your order. 

However you acquire your black leather sneakers, finding the perfect fit of the perfect pair is only the beginning of fun, fashionable times ahead.


How can I tell which size will fit me if I have to buy Oliver Cabell sneakers online?

On each product page of the Oliver Cabell website, a grid indicates which sizes are available. This grid shows US sizing by default but provides a click-through that compares US sizing with UK and EU sizing for your convenience. If the page says that the shoe runs large, then you should order a size smaller. Some other products indicate the opposite, like with their women’s mules, which slightly run small, so do not assume that all their shoes run large. 

What happens if my sneakers don’t fit when I receive them?

Oliver Cabell can replace your shoes, as long as they’re in the same good condition in which they arrived, meaning you didn’t wear them more than first discovering that they’re the wrong fit. The shoes should be undamaged, resellable, and in its original packaging. Oliver Cabell wishes you love your shoes but maintains the right to refuse returns if the conditions mentioned are not met. While shipping is free upon purchase, the cost of shipping returns is the customer’s responsibility. 

How do you clean leather sneakers? 

While your leather sneakers may survive a few cycles in a washing machine, it would be better to brush them with a soapy solution instead. Lather up bath soap or a mild detergent dissolved in water onto a sneaker brush or a soft, old toothbrush and gently brush your shoe. Wipe the soap off with a damp towel. Better yet, you can get Oliver Cabell’s premium sneaker cleaner and brush for a gentle yet effective refresh and protect your shoes from the elements with Oliver Cabell’s leather conditioner. All three products are available as a bundle in the Oliver Cabell Leather Kit.