Feel Good Italian Sneakers That Get You Compliments Every Time

Tuesday Bote - Sept 26, 2020

There comes a time when you need to outgrow your cheap tennis shoe phase and you're ready to move on to dressing like a grown-up. Italian sneakers are no doubt the next level footwear and the only smart choice to park your hard-earned cash. When you invest in Italian made casual shoes, you not only class up your act, but you also pay for high quality, versatile footwear that lasts.



Why Buy Shoes From Italy?

Luxury sneaker brands often boast about having the best Italian shoes for good reason:

1. Italian Leather is One of the Best in the World

It's popular among designer shoe brands for its premium quality and centuries-old tanning process that produces the best possible leather. Full-grain Italian leather, in particular, is not only beautiful and breathable, but it also develops a distinctive vintage character over time.

The Italian way to process leather is one of the most natural methods known today. Vegetable tanning is a part of Italian life and dates back to AD 79 and was even discovered amidst Pompeii ruins. Generations of Italian artisans have mastered the skill to process leather by using natural plant extracts called tannins.
This organic way to process leather does not use any harsh chemicals that impact the environment or pollute waterways.

2. Impeccable Shoe Craftsmanship

When you talk about sneakers made in Italy, it means that they are made by dedicated Italian shoemakers who have been doing this for generations. Handcrafted Italian leather sneakers are often made by expert cobblers with a passion for making beautiful footwear. This fine eye for detail and aesthetics is the driving force that makes the Italian leather industry the top of its class.


Sleek Italian Sneaker Styles to Class Up Your Style Game

Putting some extra money on casual Italian footwear makes dressing well every day even easier.
Don't let the "Made in Italy" tag put you off as there are many independent luxury shoe brands that offer the highest quality Italian sneakers without the high-end price tag.
Here are some of the most popular casual Italian made shoes you can buy without breaking the bank:

1. Minimalist Casual Kicks 
Nothing says minimalist than classic white sneakers. If you want one of the most versatile pair of shoes to go with any outfit, you can't go wrong with minimalist footwear.

How to style: Choose any white leather sneaker with a clean and slim silhouette, and wear them with smart casual looks to evoke understated style. Smart casual pieces are investment staples that you can mix and match without worrying about being locked up by the fashion police. 

A form-fitted blazer, unstructured suits, or casual but well-made linen pants and chinos look great with any Italian white sneaker.

2. Retro-Inspired Italian Footwear


Not everyone can rock fashion-forward chunky or futuristic silhouettes found in the trendiest sports shoes. If you're into the athletic vibe, why not try German Army Trainers (GAT) style sneakers? GAT shoes were originally designed for the German army in the 1980s, as part of the official athletic uniform. Try this German-inspired sneaker style for an edgier look.

How to style: Monochromatic looks work best with these retro sneakers. Make sure that the color of your socks matches your Italian leather GAT shoes.

3. Italian Dress Sneakers 

If you want a dress shoe alternative, you can actually go for black or brown handcrafted Italian leather sneakers. Mens Italian sneakers in brown with a white sole, are a stylish alternative to white sneakers. Black luxury sneakers with Italian leather can even work well with a formal suit. 

How to Style: Brown sneakers with white soles can be worn with any casual outfit, even jeans. The Italian leather makes your outfit look expensive, even if you're just wearing a plain white shirt. If you want to wear black sneakers to a formal event, make sure that the pant hem covers most of the shoe. 


Telling The Difference Between Authentic Italian Leather and Imitations

Luxury shoes with Italian leather are so recognizable that knockoffs are inevitable. Don't waste your money and learn how to tell the difference by doing the following steps:

1. Inspect the tag and look for a full-grain leather label. 

Ironically, "genuine" on the label means that it has been made with the lowest quality leather. Tags with a "full-grain" or "top-grain" description means that it has been made with the best parts a leather grain.

2. Check if the sneakers have a natural smell. 

Faux leather is usually treated with chemicals, and will give off an unnatural odor.

3. Look for a more natural texture.

While quality leather can be made with different finishes (smooth or coarse), fake leather will always have a plastic feel. 


Qualities to Look for When Investing in The Best Italian Sneakers

Who doesn't want to get the best value when buying any shoe? Here are essential tips for buying luxury sneaker womens shoes or mens Italian sneakers:

1.  QUALITY: Always check the quality of material for uppers, the lining, and the sole.

A well-made sneaker is mostly stitched, not glued together. 
Designer shoe brands pride themselves in using the best materials not only for the uppers, but they should also have a good inner lining with a quality sole. If the luxury shoe brand advertises a Margom sole, you're getting an overall premium shoe.

2.  COMFORT: Read reviews on how they rate for the break-in period and how they fare in true sizing. 

Even if you read that a shoe brand has the best materials, don't buy a pair, unless they have good reviews for wearability. Reviews should include glowing comments about the break-in experience. A quality Italian sneaker will provide a good inner lining, with a soft insole.

A great Italian made sneaker should have the right silhouette in your size for a more comfortable wear.

3.  VERSATILITY: Quality Italian sneakers let you wear any outfit with confidence.

Select classic styles that look good whether you're in your 20s, or in your later years. You can't go wrong with timeless designs that will still look cool in any decade.

"Vivi la bella vita" - means you too can appreciate the finer things in life because they bring more beauty and substance into your everyday experience.